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Multidisciplinary artist / Artista Multidisciplinario

PEYOTE HEART 8-trans.jpg


PAIS MARAVILLA is my most recent series in which I try to synthesize each aspect that makes up Mexico, choosing specific concepts that speak of my experience as a creative, the meaning they have in my life and the role they have had in my work as an artist. As in all my projects, I dedicate years of research, however this is the result of my own experience, so it took only two years to shape it, however I consider that due to the extensiveness of the subject, it will take me perhaps other two years to finish executing all the pieces that make up the complete series.

This is a very personal and intimate project because I touch the roots, the light and the darkness of what it means to be Mexican, and it precisely makes the Wonder Country my most ambitious artistic project, because as never I get involved in a catharsis process more intense than never experienced, I try to encompass one of the widest cultural ranges of the human race, and synthesize it within an aesthetic framework that encompasses "painting, sculpture, installation, object and extended sculpture." Each subject, each object, each painting has to do with my own experience of Mexico; of its smells, its flavors, its colors, its emotions, its shapes, its sounds, its climates and above all, its people.

Jaime Domínguez.



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